Music Field

Share the music.

Share the feeling.

Share the world.

Released for iOS and Android in Summer, 2015.

Music Field is...

a music-based advertising and marketing channel for companies.

People are power. Music is power. Music Field unites these two and enables rigorous segmented marketing for companies and organizations. Imagine that wherever you are, you can see and hear what’s hot around you - at the airport, on a cruise, shopping at a mall… wherever, whenever. That’s Music Field.

By subscribing to Music Field as a business, you can brand your company or organization by utilizing our music library to create location-based playlists. Your customers and visitors can scan local Music Fields and join your unique playlist, created just for the sake of your customers’ entertainment. All the more, you can embed audio-based advertisements to market your brand and products - all exclusive to Music Field users via our mobile consumer application.

Your customers can enjoy your music and hear your offers. Queuing up in a line, waiting for a flight, killing time at a cafe; anywhere it is possible, because only music has no boundaries. That’s the way it should be, and that’s the way it is with Music Field.

Each smartphone represents the owner, in one way or another - Music Field enables personal music-oriented branding, and makes music socializing reach new heights.

Stay tuned for more information.


a quick introduction to our rag-tag team of revolutionists

The International Man of Mystery, Mr. Music Field... Lots of names, lots of meanings, lots of life. As the original inventor and concept planner of Music Field, Daniel's role is to act as a general overseer of product development and business relations, as well as manage officer-level duties.


Daniel rantala

CEO and Founder
+358 44 3591 213
Skype: daniel.rantala


Lauri Rantanen is a Medical Engineer who graduated from Oulu University of Applied Sciences in spring, 2014. He is acting as the Chief of Operations, and has been an active at the company since fall, 2013.


Lauri Rantanen

Chief of Operations
+358 44 9733 982
Skype: lauri.rantanen5


Sakri Viklund has worked over 30 years as a communications and media professional at newspaper offices, radio and TV-stations in Scandinavia as well as in the Americas. Recently, Sakri has dedicated his efforts to implement tailored marketing communication and investor relation packages for several start-ups and Fortune 1000 corporations.


Sakri Viklund

Communications and Relations
+358 45 1324 850
Skype: sakriviklund


Jari Linna

Business Development


About us

who we are and what we work for

Musicu Ltd. is an Oulu, Finland-based company founded in July, 2013. We believe that music is the very spice of life, and that it should be enjoyed together - with your dearest friends whenever, wherever. The product Music Field is released for Windows Phone in the second quarter of 2015, and extended to Android and iOS platforms during summer 2015. We are looking for prototype partners to test audio-based advertisements in Finland, so if you hope to be a part of a new marketing system, do contact us.

In case of media material requests or other needs, please contact Music Field's Chief Operating Executive Daniel Rantala or Chief of Operations Lauri Rantanen. For further information or co-operations, please contact Daniel rantala at